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Litigation Attorneys


With respect to businesses, our commercial litigation attorneys assist clients from the beginning of a dispute to the end. If litigation is necessary, we have the experience to do so.

Because we are also experienced in the many methods of alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation, we know how to avoid
the high costs associated with litigation.


We are based in the New Orleans area and our commercial litigation attorneys litigate in both federal and state courts. Because litigation can also occur in other venues outside of court, our experience assisting clients in administrative hearings and ADR proceedings has proven to be a great benefit to our clients.


  • Family
  • Successions
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business
  • Interruption Claims
  • Collections
  • Professional License
  • Allegations of Misconduct for Doctors and Nurses
  • Transactional Matters

If you are in the midst of a situation where having  commercial litigation attorneys by your side can assist with the dispute, call us today at 504-302-3462.


We understand the nuances of business situations and have the experience in
working with clients in all types of conflicts. Let us handle your business issues so that you can move on to running the business.

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